1. What do I have to pay in addition to the auction price?  

You’d also need to pay for shipping, and a 3% sales processing fee.

2. How do I pay for my goods?

You may pay via PayPal/Credit Card for purchases below USD$3000. We only accept tele-transfer for purchases above USD$3000.

3. When must I pay? What are the penalties for late payment?

You are required to pay within the 7 days from the acceptance of the bidding or the rights to purchase will be transferred to the next highest bidder.

4. Can I return the goods?

You may return the goods within 7 days from the arrival of the chemicals at your port only if the received goods do not match its details listed online. We do not accept returns on any other basis. In this case, you will be responsible for the return shipping cost.

5. Can I buy partial quantity?

We only allow the purchase to be in partial quantity under special circumstances. Please check with us for further information.

6. Can I change my bidding?

Bidding can be changed only when you want to increase the current bidding price.

7. Can I bid using currency other than USD? Can I pay via currency other than USD?

As our website uses USD as the main currency, bidding is strictly using USD. However, you can choose to pay using other currency with the exchange rate fixed with our platform at the day of transaction.

8. Can I sample the goods?

We generally do not allow sampling. In cases where sampling is needed, potential buyers will have to bear all shipping, local/oversea handling, sample cost's, etc. Thank You.

9. Who arranges shipping?

Offstock arranges all shipping. You may obtain a shipping estimate before you bid on a listing. You can also choose to arrange shipment personally, however, please allow a period of 48 hours before the cargo is accepted for the transaction.

10. Who pays for the shipping?

The Buyer pays for the shipping charges.

11. Is shipping insurance included?

By default, we do not buy insurance for the goods we ship. However, we can include it into your shipping arrangement at additional charges.

12. How long does it take to receive my goods after I’ve paid for it?

A notification regarding the shipping schedule will be sent out within 7 days of the receipt of the payment.





       1.   What do i have to pay? 

          Offstock also charge a fixed commission of 20% sales on each successful sale.

      2.   Can i list my product without complete information?

          You may enter your product into our system, but you may not sell them in an auction until we have received

          all critical information (e.g. tds and photo).

     3.    Can i list non-chemical related goods?


     4.    How do i control the pricing of my goods?

          You may set a minimum reserve/unit price for your auctions.

     5.    I have too many products to enter one by one!

          Our system lets you to perform bulk upload via an excel spreadsheet containing your product information.

     6.    Who arranges shipping?

          Offstock arranges all shipping. Freight charges will be based on fob terms.

     7.    How/when do i receive money from an auction sale?

We send payments by cheque 10 days after the receipt of goods at the buyer's site.

      8.    Can i cancel an auction?

           You may cancel an auction anytime. However, all cancellations will be reflected in your seller performance